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FLLLEX project results and recommendations


The FLLLEX project addresses the challenges and implications of LifeLong Learning incorporation into European higher education institutions. How flexible are those institutions when it comes to LifeLong Learning? Hence: FLLLEX. LifeLong Learning opens up a multitude of new possibilities for higher education institutions but the impact on the organisation as such remains understudied. What is the role of higher education in the wider landscape of LifeLong Learning? What are the institutional changes for the future? What strategy can the project propose to other higher education institutions and what policy advise to European and national players?

The project started in 01/2010 and was finalized 08/2012

Main outcomes of the FLLLEX project:

  • The FLLLEX-Radar: an instrument for assessing the degree of Lifelong Learning implementation in the institution. The FLLLEX-Radar has been developed by ENQA, with support of the partner institutions. The Radar was tested by HEIs in a pilot phase during the project. The results of the evaluation as well as the experiences in using the instrument were discussed with external review panels.
  • FLLLEX project results and recommendations are summarized in a brochure.
  • FLLLEX results and institutional experiences were presented at the 22nd EURASHE annual conference on May 10-11 2012 in Riga.
  • Final project report (submitted to EACEA in October 2012)


Disclaimer: The FLLLEX project has been supported by a European Community Grant under the Lifelong Learning Transversal Programme, Key Activity 1. This website reflects the views only of the authors, and the EC cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein