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Advisory Board

Composition and tasks of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of a representative of KHLeuven, Eurashe, Business Europe, Education International, ESU and the external evaluator. The tasks of the Advisory board are to:

  • guard the outlines of the project proposal,
  • read the interim reports and provide comments where appropriate,
  • approve the list of experts for the review panels and the order of the visits,
  • act as a reading committee for the pre-conference volume.
  • explore any relevant network in relation to the work packages if those are in need of extra information, contacts etc.
  • The external evaluator reports to the Advisory Board.
Meeting 1, 26/02/2010, Brussels (B)
 Meeting 2, 09/11/2010, Brussels (B)
Meeting 3, 27/03/2012, Brussels (B)
Meeting 4, 09/05/2012, Riga (LV)