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Higher Education Institutions

8 Higher Education Institutions cooperated in the FLLLEX consortium:

Role in the project:

The HEIs tested the FLLLEX-Radar in a pilot of self-assessments (WP6) and exchange experiences in an institutional review by a panel of experts (WP7).

During the project the HEI’s took on additional tasks in the research part and in dissemination:

WP2 & WP3: Disseminate the survey for Lifelong Learners and Businesses; translating the survey for Learners into local language (where needed); contact businesses for additional interview in local language.
WP4: Map the higher education landscape for their country or region, Identify business training providers and conducting interviews.
WP5: Provide feedback on draft versions of the FLLLEX-Radar.
Dissemination: HEIs contributed to dissemination of project results by giving presentations at the EURASHE 22nd annual conference (LYIT, Yasar) and by informing their network on project results, both through online communication (website, newsletters, e-mail) and contributions to meetings and conferences.

National Organisations for Profession-oriented higher education

7 National Agencies for Profession-oriented HE cooperate in the FLLLEX-consortium to:

  • Provide information for the report on national policies (WP1)
  • Support the HEIs throughout the project
  • Disseminate the project results to their members and wider network.

In addition, IOTI is leader of WP1 - National policies for lifelong learning and WOSCOP is leader of WP 7 - Review of the self-assessments.

L'Association des Directeurs d'IUT (ADIUT) (France)
Council of Flemish Institutions of Higher Education (VLHORA) (Belgium)
Council of Higher Education (YOK) (Turkey)
Institutes of Technology Ireland (IoTI) (Ireland)
Lithuanian Colleges Directors' Conference (LKDK) (Lithuania)
Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (ARENE) (Finland)
West of Scotland Colleges' Partnership (WOSCOP) (United Kingdom)