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FLLLEX Radar cover


As part of the FLLLEX project a Self-assessment instrument for Lifelong Learning in Higher Education Institutions was developed: the FLLLEX-Radar. With the FLLLEX-Radar, institutions must be able to enhance their policy and practical organisation relating to Lifelong Learning. 

The FLLLEX-Radar is a self-assessment instrument that will help you to assess and reflect on the situation of Lifelong Learning (LLL) at your institution. The FLLLEX-Radar is designed to address the challenges and implications stemming from the incorporation of Lifelong Learning into European higher education institutions (HEIs).
The main priority of the use made of the Radar is to promote discussion and food for thought through analysis of different strategic areas linked to the development of Lifelong Learning in the coming years.

The FLLLEX-Radar has been developed by ENQA and has been tested at several instutions throughout Europe. 

The FLLLEX-Radar includes a user guide. A quick overview of the FLLLEX Radar is given in the following presentations:

The presentations (ppt) can be downloaded for use in your organisation