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WP 1, National and European policies for the implementation of LLL

Goals and methodology

1. The review will attempt to identify the main drivers behind and underpinning successful engagement in lifelong learning at State and sector level. The work package will primarily use existing data sources in the form of a high/meta level review rather than rely solely on primary research.

2. A second part of the review will attempt to synthesise EU/International experience in engagement with LLL at a high level. Where possible the review will identify trends in international policy developments surrounding LLL and match these against developments within the EU.

3. Within the EU it is clear that there is great variability in engagement with LLL processes with some countries demonstrating significant levels of involvement as represented by participation rates in LLL whilst many other countries show rates less than a quarter of those countries noted above. The review will focus on the countries dealt with in WP 6. The review will focus on the presence of certain key drivers including, but not restricted to,
• The existence and level of implementation of LLL strategies and policies on a national level
• The definitions used for LLL, learners,...
• Funding policies towards part time/LLL students
• The relationship between the provision of LLL opportunities, the type of institution providing the opportunities and the level of participation.

4. The output of the review will be a set of findings that will highlight:
• common features of systems within which LLL is well integrated,
• factors underpinning sectoral differentiation with respect to LLL

This will be presented in the form of a matrix in which the progress and implementation of the different identified aspects of LLL can be monitored in the different concerned countries.


WP 1 is led by IOT (Ireland). Contact persons are mr. Richard Thorn and mrs Ann Stokes.