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WP 2, Survey of expectations of LifeLong Learners

Goals and methodology

A survey and an outline of the expectations of potential and existing learners is made in view of Life Long Learning. The WP starts by drafting a typology of lifelong learners based on an extensive literature research. Several target groups of lifelong learners will be identified. The expectations of those different groups towards LLL are then listed and compared to the matrices which summarize the national policies (see Work Package 1). Both the typology of learners and the expectations will determine the make-up and the choice of indicators of the self-assessment tool in Work Package 5 because HEI’s will have to identify to which type of lifelong learners they wish to cater their activities. This choice will influence the policy, management and structure of the concerned institution.

The lead partner will develop a questionnaire, drawing on his former experience, to gather data on lifelong learners. The networks of all partners of the consortium are being used to address the lifelong learners.


WP 2 is led by 3s research lab (Austria). Contact persons are mr. Stefan Humpl and mrs. Sigrid Nindl.