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WP 3, Survey of expectations of businesses

Goals and methodology

A survey is made of the expectations of a selected number of businesses and enterprises. As they form the second leg in the triangle of learners, enterprises and educational organisations, (being both HEI’s and business training providers) their input is necessary to evaluate the impact of existing strategies of LLL programmes. A questionnaire is developed. Elements to be considered are: training of staff dealing with work placements, Work Based Learning, relation between vocational training – work placements – businesses,… 

Interviews will be conducted via telephone and data will also be collected via a questionnaire.

The outcome will be a report identifying the main obstacles for businesses to engage in the LLL programme, the major driving forces for a business to participate in LLL, the main expectations businesses have of the LLL programme and their relation with HEI's.


WP 3 is led by 3s research lab (Austria). Contact persons are mr. Stefan Humpl and mrs. Sigrid Nindl.