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WP 5, Development of a self-assesment tool

Goals and methodology

The work package will prepare a tool to be applied by higher education institutions to assess the implementation of lifelong learning strategies within their own institution. The results are to be benchmarked against the respective national policies and with the other participating European institutions.
The start is to be desk research on existing models and guidelines on Quality assurance in a European perspective (e.g. EFQM, Guidelines for RPL,…). The tool will be constructed on the basis of indicators for LLL which were identified in Work Packages 1 to 4. Achieved results there will be a matrix of national policies, a typology of lifelong learners, an overview of their expectations and of those of other stakeholders. The tool thus includes indicators which will assess those elements within the HEI’s. The self-assessment procedure is certainly to focus on how LLL strategies make an impact on: policy, curricular aspects (design, flexibility), management of programmes, delivery of courses, RPL, marketing, staff policy and management, internal processes (academic – administrative), student counselling, quality assurance, financial aspects and others if identified during the process.
The Advisory Board will oversee the development of this tool because it forms a crucial aspect of FLLLEX. Specific attention will be on an appropriate approach to the guidelines formulation, the difference between mandatory and optional elements in the tool, the expected scope and structure of the output of the self-assessment procedure and those of the review panel. The tool is then being presented by the lead partner to the individual institutions in a kick-off meeting of Work Package 6 together with a brief handbook on the methodology to be used in the self-assessment. After the testing and reviewing the tool will be made available to other interested parties in Work Package 8.


The FLLLEX-Radar includes a user guide. A quick overview of the FLLLEX Radar is given in the following presentations.

WP 5 is led by ENQA. Contact person is mr. Josep Grifoll