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WP 6, Self-assessment of the Higher Education Institutions

Goals and methodology

This work package uses the tool developed in Work Package 5. The outcome of this test is an internal evaluation report for the institution reflecting the degree in which the institution is ready to and has already been able to implement LLL strategies. This will be reviewed by a panel of experts (Work Package 7). Yet, the combined results will affect the finalisation of the self-assessment tool before it is distributed to other interested parties (Work Package 8). They will also serve as input for the drafting of potential policy changes on a European level. 
At a contact seminar in Helsinki, the lead partner of WP 5 sets out the principles and methodology of the self-assessment. The contact person within each institution is then responsible for gathering the data in the self-assessment and the production of the internal evaluation report. The lead partner of WP 6 prepares an overall summarising report in cooperation with the lead partner of WP 5 and the advisory board. Both the summarising and the institutional reports form the basis for the work of the panel of experts in WP 7.


WP 6 is led by KHLeuven - Leuven University College (Belgium). Contact persons are mrs. Irène Hermans and mr. Klaas Vansteenhuyse.