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WP 7, Review of the self-assesment

Goals and methodology

An external panel of experts will review the applicability of the self-assessment tool and the its achieved results. Furthermore, and in close cooperation with the Advisory Board, the panel is to use the results from Work Packages 1 to 6, to compare existing national policies against perceived tasks, and to assess the degree of implementation of those policies within the selected HEI’s. The outcome of this process is to be a report containing:

  1. improvement proposals for the (individual) HEI’s,
  2. policy issues towards the European Commission on LLL and its implementation.

The expert panel for each site visit will consist of a number of fixed members and of variable members. Since each institution will be visited by a panel the composition is as follows:

  1. One relevant expert from the institutions in Work Package 6. (Consortium partners may participate in several panels but not as an official member and at their own expenses. Each partner is to provide the project coordinator with a list of three destinations, in order of preference.)
  2. Relevant external experts with proven expertise in LLL. (The experts will be proposed by the lead partner. The experts must fit the profile of LLL expert as determined by the Advisory board.)
  3. LLL experts or policymakers in the countries concerned, attached to the relevant ministries. (These experts and policymakers are to be proposed by the project partners for each country.)

WP 7 is led by Woscop. Contact person is mr. Dugald Craig