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WP 8, Focus seminar on LLL strategies

Goals and methodology

This work package focuses on the dissemination of the results. Three outputs will be prepared:

1. A pre-conference volume
The lead partner will act as editor for the pre-conference volume. It will include 3 major parts. Other lead partners (WP 1-4) will be invited to summarize their internal reports so as to include those results in the final publication as Part 1. The second part will be largely prepared by the panel of experts in WP 7 based on the activities of WP 5 and 6. It includes the self-assessment tool and guidelines which can be used by other interested HEI’s outside the project consortium. It also contains the key findings of their reviewing activities within the participating HEI’s contrasted with the existing national policies. A third part is formed by the general proposals for policy changes that the panel of experts and the advisory board have formulated based on the results of FLLLEX.

2. A ‘road-show’ package for presentation to interested staff working on implementing policy at a HEI.
The lead partner will develop alongside the pre-conference volume a presentation package that can be used by the national organisations to organise training sessions for individual HEI’s which wish to use the self-assessment tool in their own institution.

3. A conference where interested parties (partners, EC,…) are invited and where the FLLLEX results and FLLLEX-Radar, including the training, will be presented.
Keynote speakers will be invited to reflect on LLL in Europe and on the specific results of FLLLEX. Focus seminars within the conference will deal with the diverse elements identified during FLLLEX. The conference will be organised in Riga by BA SBF.

  1. Pre-conference volume: Towards an Institutional Strategy for Lifelong Learning in Professional Higher Education.
  2. Presentations for using the FLLLEX-Radar:
    * FLLLEX Radar: Purpose and Content
    * How to use the FLLLEX Radar in your institution
  3. Conference: abstracts, presentations and conference report

WP 8 is led by EURASHE (Belgium). Contact persons are mr. Stefan Delplace and mrs. Iva Voldanova