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WP 9, Project management

Goals and methodology

This work package focuses on the general coordination and daily management of FLLLEX. The general administration and the financial reporting will be done by the lead partner. The lead partner is responsible for timely reporting to the EACEA and for the smooth transfer of intermediate results to the other partners. He will be closely involved with each lead partner of the other work packages in the preparation of seminars or other meetings between participants. He will organise all meetings and is responsible for the external communication on FLLLEX.
To support the management of the project and in order to guarantee a systemic approach to the project, an external party (Educonsult) will regularly evaluate the project and assist the lead partner in implementing changes where necessary.
The general outline of FLLLEX will be guarded by an Advisory Board.

  • External project evaluation report
  • Final project report

WP 9 is led by KHLeuven - Leuven University College. Contact persons are mr. Klaas Vansteenhuyse, mrs. Margriet de Jong, mr. Jan Neyens, mrs. Nadia Falise and mrs. Irène Hermans