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Conference contributions, Workshops and abstracts

Publications and conference contributions

Publications and conference contributions are listed below and available for download as FLLLEX publication list (PDF)

Online presence

The list of online presence (download as PDF) for FLLLEX gives an overview of dissemination of project results through partner websites, newsletters, etc.

Publications & Presentations 2012

The project members present here a list of publications, conferences, workshops, etc. related to the FLLLEX project.

Planned activities:

  • Doherty, O. (2012/2013, planned). Work Based Learning at LYIT. Presentation (including FLLLEX Radar and Results) at various HE symposiums and events related to LLL throughout Ireland and at European HE Institutions
  • Lakickaité, K., & Preidiené, J. (2013, May and other). Presentation of FLLLEX-Results at international conference in Vilnius and at Networks where VIKO is a member (SPACE, ENPHE, ELIA; UASNET)

Publications&Presentations 2011

  • Vansteenhuyse, K. (2011, February). FLLLEX: The impact of lifelong learning strategies on professional higher education in Europe. Presentation to visiting delegation from University of Montenegro at KU Leuven. Leuven, BE
  • Kraze, S. 2011 (April). Presentation (including FLLLEX) at the National workshop of Upbringing Learning Motivations for Adults (ULMA). Riga, LV.


Publications and presentations 2010